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Free eBook on the WordPress REST API

Our friends at WP Engine just released a free eBook on the WordPress API, and we wanted to share it with all of our fans and followers.

Download the Free eBook Now!

The growing motto with WordPress is and always has been: “Develop faster. Develop easier.”  

Mammoth Solutions brings that to your startup or small business at reasonable prices.

The other night I heard someone say WordPress is great for businesses and tough on developers.  That is great news for small businesses!  SME’s are tired of sinking hard earned money into custom sites and frameworks only to have their lone developer disappear once he has created an unmanageable rats nest of code.  And the barriers for hiring a full service marketing agency tend to be too high for most entrepreneurs and small businesses as you tend to pay too much to work with account managers that churn thru the business and never get to really know you before they are gone.

When our team left Mammoth Ideas and started Mammoth Solutions, we set a goals to:

  1. Always embrace WordPress Best Practices
  2. Share our WordPress knowledge with Atlanta’s WordPress ecosystem
  3. Design & Build awesome WordPress sites
  4. Maintain your site on the best managed WordPress hosting infrastructure (solving security and speed issues)
  5. Use Yoast’s SEO plugin to help clients improve their site ranking
  6. Help generate more leads for clients via Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns that leverage their well built WP sites.

We see our role as your personal WordPress shepherds.  We will always listen and learn so we can advise you on the best course your small business or startup can take to optimize results.  If WordPress is not the right solution, we will be the first to tell you.  However, with the ‘new’ WordPress REST API, its getting harder to tell clients no, because the possibility of doing anything with WordPress is becoming a reality.

In the spirit of this journey we share, we wanted to offer the WordPress community a free download of The Ultimate Guide to the WordPress REST API.

The WordPress REST API opens up endless opportunities for experienced WordPress developers. From integrating with technologies beyond WordPress to providing more flexibility when developing sites, plugins, and themes; the WordPress REST API packs a powerful punch and makes development faster and easier.  At Mammoth Solutions, we started using the WordPress API to integrate with lots of services and legacy systems that have allowed us to introduce WordPress sites as content management systems for all kinds of projects, using WordPress in creative and innovative ways people never imagined.  We can’t wait to showcase these in our new portfolio we plan to launch in the coming months.  To give you an idea, we’ve created:

  • a document management system that integrate with Salesforce so sales teams can send sell sheets to prospects with ease
  • a learning management system (LMS) for a large hospital system’s HR / Organizational Development team
  • an automated nationwide sales incentive program for an international hair cosmetics company that interfaces with a mobile sales app
  • an automated business card scanner app that sends prospect details into a customer relationship manager (CRM) built on WooCommerce.
  • a software as a service (SaaS) based web-app for non-profits to use which replaces 123-signup and related systems (using Event Espresso & s2member plugins)

But don’t let these scare you as these were not huge, 6 or 7-figure projects like the systems they replaced.  These were add-on projects where we extended typical WordPress sites that cost between $3k-$9k before we extended them with purpose built plugins.

We hope to help developer see, the REST API provides an enterprise approach to interact with WordPress posts, users, comments, and taxonomies using the popular RESTful API standard, which allows you to create, read, update, and delete the main WordPress objects and provides infrastructure for creating your own custom APIs.  So now they can stop hacking up your new WordPress site, so it can be upgraded and maintained properly, instead of being sunk because they didn’t know the difference between a CMS and a framework.

In this ebook (sponsored by WP Engine), author and developer Josh Pollock provides an in-depth overview of website and application development using the WordPress REST API. The ebook includes practical examples you can follow to improve your WordPress site and integrate WordPress with non-WordPress frameworks and tools. You’ll learn about how to use the WordPress REST API to:

  •      Read and write posts
  •      Create and edit meta data
  •      Add routes
  •      Process and respond to requests
  •      And much more…

We hope you read it and enjoy learning how to properly use the WordPress REST API along with the endless possibilities unlocked for clients and developers. The Ultimate Guide to the WordPress REST API will make your life easier and your custom WordPress site last longer. Download now or contact us find out how.