Atlanta Thought Leadership Roundup With mCordis

mCordis asked Atlanta’s thought leaders in mobile marketing to participate in their Atlanta Thought-Leadership Interview series on Tuesday, May 16th at MSL Group. Mammoth Solutions CEO & Atlanta Mobile Marketing Org Co-Founder Kyle Rollins tackled their questionnaire in this video.

Topics covered:

What are the different elements of your brand experience and how do they work in combination with each other?
Is it possible to merge those different experiences together or are they always separate and independent?
How do you seek to build understanding of your customers’ needs?
What role do you play in the lives of your target audience?
Does customer journey mapping play a role in your marketing planning? If so, what? If not, what is the alternative?
Do you believe that the power in relationships is shifting toward the consumer so that they can demand you act on their terms?
How much personalization do you think you need to offer as part of your product or service?
How are you seeking to reduce friction in the lives of your customers or in the way they engage with you?
Can you use data to create value for your customers, not just from them? How?
How do you build trust with your customers around the capture, storage and use of their data?
How are building your marketing technology stack and what challenges does it pose for your company?
Can you explain the role of storytelling in your business?

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