What is Marketing Intelligence, and What Does It Have To Do With Big Data?

What is Marketing Intelligence? Is the same as Business Intelligence? If not, what is the difference? And what does all this have to do with big data?

On the reboot of Mammoth TV, Pamela puts Kyle’s knowledge to the test on all things data science, specifically as it applies to your sales and marketing activities.

We cover:
What is Marketing Intelligence?
How does it fit in with Business Intelligence?
What are the benefits of learning analytics if you’re on the creative side of Marketing?
What types of businesses are best suited to have a data science practice?
And we cover the upcoming launch of an analytics product that extends marketers’ reach more than any other tool on the market today.

You don’t want to miss this episode of Mammoth TV! Data science is here to stay. The more informed you are about its power and its drawbacks, the more you are able to use it to your business’ advantage.

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